Friday, October 11, 2013

The forbidden song

I have not sung “The Hanging Tree” out loud for ten years, because it‘s forbidden, but I remember every word. I begin softly, sweetly, as my father did.

    “Are you, are you
    Coming to the tree
    Where they strung up a man they say murdered three.
    Strange things did happen here
    No stranger would it be
    If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.”

The mockingjays begin to alter their songs as they become aware of my new offering.

    “Are you, are you
    Coming to the tree
    Where the dead man called out for his love to flee.
    Strange things did happen here
    No stranger would it be
    If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.”

I have the birds‘ attention now. In one more verse, surely they will have captured the melody, as it‘s simple and repeats four times with little variation.

    “Are you, are you
    Coming to the tree
    Where I told you to run, so we‘d both be free.
    Strange things did happen here
    No stranger would it be
    If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.”

A hush in the trees. Just the rustle of leaves in the breeze. But no birds, mockingjay or other. Peeta‘s right. They do fall silent when I sing. Just as they did for my father.

    “Are you, are you
    Coming to the tree
    Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me.
    Strange things did happen here
    No stranger would it be
    If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.”

The birds are waiting for me to continue. But that‘s it. Last verse. In the stillness I remember the scene.

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3)
Suzanne Collins

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A mute slave; me, now headed to death.

Haymitch grips my wrist as if anticipating my next move, but I am as speechless as the Capitol’s torturers have rendered Darius. Haymitch once told me they did something to Avoxes’ tongues so they could never talk again. In my head I hear Darius’s voice, playful and bright, ringing across the Hob to tease me. Not as my fellow victors make fun of me now, but because we genuinely liked each other. If Gale could see him…

I know any move I would make toward Darius, any act of recognition, would only result in punishment for him. So we just stare into each other’s eyes. Darius, now a mute slave; me, now headed to death. What would we say, anyway? That we’re sorry for the other’s lot? That we ache for the other’s pain? That we’re glad we had the chance to know each other? 
No, Darius shouldn’t be glad he knew me. If I had been there to stop Thread, he wouldn’t have stepped forward to save Gale. Wouldn’t be an Avox. And more specifically, wouldn’t be my Avox, because President Snow has so obviously had him placed here for my benefit.
Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2)
Suzanne Collins

Monday, September 02, 2013

Danse, Pierrot!

Eh Pierrot! Danse, Pierrot!
Danse un peu, mon pauvre Jeannôt!
Vive la danse et l'allégresse!
Jouissons de notre belle, jeunesse!
Si moi je pleure ou moi je soupire,
Si moi je fais la triste figure
Monsieur, ce n'est que pour rire:
Ha! Ha, ha, ha!
Monsieur, ce n'est que pour rire!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

مهمترین وظیفه یک مدیر

در گذشته بیشتر فکر می‌کردم مهمترین وظیفه یک مدیر برنامه ریزی و پیگیری دقیق کارها برای درست انجام شدن آن هاست (کاری که در حال حاضر یک بچه مدرسه‌ای با اکسل به راحتی می تواند انجام دهد). ولی الآن به این باور رسیدم که مهمترین وظیفه یک مدیر برقراری ارتباط صحیح و مناسب با انواع کارمندهایش است که هر کدام سلیقه و نیاز متفاوتی دارند. و همین طور راهنمایی آنها در جهتی که این سلایق متفاوت بتواند با کمترین درگیری در کنار هم به خوبی کار کنند.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Essential matters

If I have told you these details about the asteroid, and made a note of its number for you, it is on account of the grown-ups and their ways. When you tell them that you have made a new friend, they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you, "What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he collect butterflies?" Instead, they demand: "How old is he? How many brothers has he? How much does he weigh? How much money does his father make?" Only from these figures do they think they have learned anything about him.

If you were to say to the grown-ups: "I saw a beautiful house made of rosy brick, with geraniums in the windows and doves on the roof," they would not be able to get any idea of that house at all. You would have to say to them: "I saw a house that cost $20,000." Then they would exclaim: "Oh, what a pretty house that is!"

Just so, you might say to them: "The proof that the little prince existed is that he was charming, that he laughed, and that he was looking for a sheep. If anybody wants a sheep, that is a proof that he exists." And what good would it do to tell them that? They would shrug their shoulders, and treat you like a child. But if you said to them: "The planet he came from is Asteroid B-612," then they would be convinced, and leave you in peace from their questions.

The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Saturday, December 22, 2012

پروست چگونه می‌تواند زندگی شما را دگرگون کند

پروست چگونه می‌تواند زندگی شما را دگرگون کند
نویسنده: آلن دو باتن
مترجم: گلی امامی
 ناشر: نیلوفر

People don't want a champion

Somerset sits back, looking at Mills.

 You think you're preparing me for the hard
 times ahead?  You think you're toughening
 me up?  Well, you're not!  You're quitting,
 fine... but I'm staying.

 People don't want a champion.  They just
 want to keep playing the lottery and eating

 What the fuck is wrong with you?  What
 burnt you out?

 It wasn't one thing, if that's what you
 mean.  I just... I can't live here anymore.
 I can't live where stupidity is embraced
 and nurtured as if it were a virtue.

 Oh, you're so much better than everyone,
 right?  No one's worthy of you.

 Wrong!  I sympathize completely, because if
 you can't win... then, if you don't ignore
 everything and everyone around you, you...
 you become like John Doe.  It's easier to
 beat a child than it is to raise it,
 because it takes so much work to love.  You
 just have to make sure you don't stop to
 think about the abuse, and the damage,
 because you'll risk being sad.  Keep

 You're talking about people who are
 mentally ill.  You're...

 No I'm not!  I'm talking about common,
 everyday life here.  If you let yourself
 worry about one thing, you'll worry about
 the next, and the next, and it never ends.
 In this place, ignorance isn't just bliss,
 it's a matter of survival.

 Listen to yourself.  You say, "the problem
 with people is they don't care, so I don't
 care about people."  But, you're already
 here.  You've been here a long time.  So,
 there's a part of you that knows, even if
 everything you say is true, none of it

 That part of me is dead.

Duke Nukem 3D

Playing Duke Nukem 3D after years reminds me hours and hours that I played and really enjoy this game. It still very interesting and ROCKS!

Friday, December 07, 2012

An A-grade team gets things done

Last night my wife and I were talking about our jobs. We are working for different but very the same companies. Although, our companies are in top rank list but they are both suffer from the same problems. They just do not know how to manage their teams and how to develop the best product. That's a part of our talks recently. (I know that's not a very funny and exciting topic to talk!)
Suddenly, she asked me what would I do if I were head of a new software team which they are trying to develop a brand new product. hmmm... I answered that I would follow these four golden rules of mine:
- Developing tools to test the product, lots of tools. (unit tests, performance and load and etc.)
- Code conventions.
- Code review and pair programming.
- Make each module decouple from others.

Now, when I think more clearly, I like to say that I would pay more attention to my team members. Only an A grade team gets things done!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Push the damn button

Don't push the on-button if you don't know where the off-button is.
By Solomon Short

But, hey! I like to know what it is doing and how it works! I say, push the damn button!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The job’s a game

"In every job that must be done, there is an element
of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game."
~ Mary Poppins